Te Kura o Whangara, Whangara School is a  small rural, whanau based school on the coast line, 25kms from Gisborne City. 


We currently have 3 teaching spaces/areas which are vey modern and open.
Our roll is increasing and it is great to be in a school which is vibrant and growing. Our teaching levels range from Year 0 – Year 8 and classes are often organised in a multi-level whanau.  However, our school roll is managed through an enrolment scheme which is governed by the BOT.
Every 2 years we review our enrolment scheme.  At present our enrolment scheme is currently in place.
Priority for enrolments is based on the following –
 – Children who are living in zone; our zone is from Makarori to Rototahi (SH35)
–  Children whose siblings already attend Whangara School.
–  Children who whakapapa to Ngati Konohi.
–  Children whose parents attended Whangara School.
–  Other children who live in Gisborne or out of zone.
If there are vacancies/spaces available at the time of enrolment, you will be informed by the Principal.  If not, there is a waiting list and in some instances a ballot system will take place and you will be informed of this.
If you need any more information, please contact the principal.